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Competiveness and stability is required to meet the challenges of construction sector and it entails the preparation of DUAFAR for a correct and effective answer in terms of risk management. Perfectly aware of this fact, in DUAFAR we wagered on building with superior quality. 

One of our current challenges is to increase ambitious and innovative projects. The dedication of our employees is our strength, so we are focused on the reception and monitoring of employees.


The dedication of our employees is our strength. Motivation, follow-up and involvement of employees in all work stages is a matter of priority, following a communication strategy based on assertiveness.

In DUAFAR we intend to position our employees focusing on precision, professional integrity and education, always having as a priority, safety, hygiene and health at work.


The total satisfaction of our customers is our main objective.

DUAFAR ’s structure stands on the pillars of quality, competence, credibility and security.


DUAFAR intends to develop and foster a strong team spirit, based on integration, respect and recognition of all our associates.

Flexibility, devotion and availability are our key to success being the core to our purpose of innovation.


The ongoing effort regarding the costs rationalization, the plainness in our objectives’ delineation and the concern with the permanent value addition through our work, allow DUAFAR to wage in continuous improvement.

We work in order to anticipate the problems and find the best solutions in construction and technology.