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About Us

Instalações DUAFAR

DUAFAR – Civil Construction and Infrastructures Lda., is a portuguese company, located in one of the main axes of development of Beira Baixa and Portugal, operating in the domestic market since 2001 and being strongly committed in pepping up and increasing the construction market and the infrastructure in wich it is consolidated and solidly deployed.

Gathering specificities that allow its differentiation and high level of competitiveness, DUAFAR is based on a county with a strong industrial/corporate dominance, assuming itself as a company with a strong growth capacity, exponentiation, and conquering new markets and borders.


DUAFARaims to build ideas and shape the dreams of their customers through effort, professionalism, thoroughness, dedication  and innovation.



The high quality of our work, the cost-effectiveness and the high competitiveness, set DUAFAR in a level of excellence in the national market of infrastructure and civil construction.

Performed by highly skilled professionals, our works are good examples of a combination of quality, innovation, environmental awareness, health and safety at work.

Owning a wide range of specialized equipment, an excellent machinery park and raw materials, DUAFAR ensures autonomously the full execution of its constructions.

Implement and contribute to building excellence is one of our biggest goals. Allied to experience, DUAFAR's techniques and abilities build your dreams.

We ally accuracy, ability and experience with innovation and state-of-the-art technology.

We want to build ideas shaping our customers’ wishes and needs.

We are what we do and we do what we are: a credible, competitive and reliable company – DUAFAR is the company that builds your dreams.

DUAFAR is based on a strategy of 3C´s – Credibility, Confidence and Competitiveness.


Our  work speaks for us. In DUAFAR we invest in differentiation and show how credible we are when executing with great professionalism and experience, civil construction, roads, land, water and sanitation, reinforced concrete, electricity and telecommunications, plumbing, locksmith, among other specialties.


Rely on DUAFAR is to make sure that projects are completed with efficiency and quality.

Our professionals work with enormous requirement standars, quality, innovation and security to ensure our clients’ satisfaction.


We are competitive because we only depend on us.

We have our own machine park, construction yard, stat-of-the-art equipment and we have our own sources of raw materials.

Besides that, our autonomy is highlighted by the specialized manpower being unnecessary to hire resources from other companies.